Inject Some Color Into Your Life……………



Winter is upon us! So why not inject some color into your life with this seasons latest trends, let your hair color do the talking!

Deep rich intense color is a MUST this season, to compliment cool brunettes and looking to add a touch of diversity to your look why not add a blackcurrant hue to really bring out some excitement! Adding a blackcurrant color to the classic Ombre that exploded over the summer months will really keep you in vogue this season.




This year pastel colors launched on to the summer scene with no let up for this winter, from storm pastels to spearmint green or baby blue, these color ranges are best suited for those cooler skin tones.

My personal favorite is Amethyst which is a transparent purple really embracing those lilac tones and worn this year by celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Richie . Ranges of soft metallic color are defiantly trending this season so let us at Dexter Hair help you become the color envy of all your friends !




Blondes, to keep on trend this season why not add a cool ash tone next to your creamy blondes to really enhance that cool wintery look and to create dimension and texture within your hair.




Keeping your hair lighter during these winter months can be a burden so why not add some artificial roots which are completely on trend and supported by such Celebes as Sam Fiers and Sarah Jessica-Parker, which I believe is the perfect way for blondes to stay current with gorgeous glossy locks !


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