Is the “Bronde” trend gone? Not at Dexter Hair Salon!

Oh! So you have not yet heard the term “bronde”? It was all over the place around the Festival de Cannes this summer (not so much around the Leigh on Sea festival though).

A word made of half brunette – half blonde: a mix of colours, not so easy to master as the colourist needs to find the right balance for each client. The “bronde” can highlight a hair style or darken one…and at Dexter Hair Salon, we think it is a perfect option this Autumn to boost your hair style – especially if you are hesitating to go for a full colour change.

Let’s face it: if it’s good enough for Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Gisel Bundchen, it is good for you too! If you are heading for a break in the sun, come and have your “bronde” colour a few weeks before…the sun-kiss effect will be hair-mazing!


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