The ‘Peaky Blinders’ men’s hairstyle is hot for 2015.

It seems men do struggle to find “new” and current hair styles. Indeed once a man is happy with one hair style, he generally will keep it for years and years to follow. Despite the fact that British guys (and hairdressers) have given many adopted haircuts by generations worldwide (think: punks, skinheads, mods etc…) the modern men are less keen to change hairstyle – except for david Beckham!


That will change in 2015, thanks to the BBC drama ‘Peaky Blinders’. The Birmingham infamous Shelbi’s “hooligans” are sporting some strong macho hair cuts that many men should adopt.


Even Robbie Savage agreed and decided to” age gracefully” with a similar hair style – leaving his long blond locks in the past.

Robbie Savage and his "peaky blinder" new haircut.

Robbie Savage and his “peaky blinder” new haircut.


If you are tough enough to change your image and get into the spirit of the “bootleggers” macho style, contact Aaron at Dexter Hair Salon.



  1. just read your article on your peaky blinders haircuts, as a big fan of the programme I wonder, will it suit me and if it would what do I ask for down the barbours or do I simply take in a picture and get it cut to the length (on the sides) that I like

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