A fringe I hear you say? Forget Beyonce and look up for the Sixties icons

Fringes are the ultimate way to update your hairstyle. There’s no hair-dye involved, no dramatic change in length, plus, they can hugely change the way that you look for the better. They are one of the most youthful hairstyles and suit almost anyone, whether you opt for a choppy style or a blunt statement version. But many women fear “bangs” after a deceiving or misshaped cut. DO NOT FEAR… look up for those Sixties icons who always got it perfectly right.

The Swinging London of the ’60s emphasized the new and modern, so much so that it still seems new and modern every time it comes back into style. Even in 2014, the short haircut, defined lashes and crisp mod shapes can’t be beaten.

If you have a slender face, look up for Twiggy: Leslie Lawson, nicknamed Twiggy thanks to her slender frame, was a teenage British model that became the face of the mod generation in the mid-1960s, her iconic androgynous look characterised by her large eyes, long eyelashes, and short hair.

The fringe according to Twiggy

The fringe according to Twiggy


Actress Goldie Hawn also sported the quintessential hair cut with “brio”.



Of course, if you are a hardcore fan of ‘Bey’ and wishes to get the very similar fringe she’s been lately fronting…we would oblige without judging! But remember that freedom of choice can be a hell of a burden!

Beyonce and Jay Z at the Gare du Nord, Paris, France - 14 Oct 2014

So, whether you’re looking at trialling a fringe for the first time or just want a new-season update on your current style, pop-in at Dexter Hair Salon and talk to one of our skilled hairdressers.


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