Getting the “Red” colour right this Autumn…

There is nothing worse than a dodgy red hair colour…Not because natural red-haired people have suffered mockery for centuries but simply becausethe wrong shade of red will tarnish all attempts by women to go “red”.
When choosing a shade of red hair color, you’ll want to pick one that’s not only flattering to your complexion but also makes it glow from within. Let’s be honest, changing hair colour is not that simple…not every girl/woman can go from blonde to brunette and switch to a red tone easily…Nature is not that fair and understanding! It seems like someone started a rumor years ago that red hair only looks good if you have one of three skin tones: fair, fairer, and fairest! NOT TRUE!


To find if you can go red, you need to figure out if your skin has warm or cool undertones. Hold a piece a paper up to your face. If your skin coloring appears to be pink, you’re a cool. If it appears yellow or olive, you’re warm. Warm skin tones look best with all sorts of shades (except bright blonde). You can look great in red (dark, rich tones will counteract sallowness), however, cool skin girls should avoid reds because they bring out the pink in your skin…


Of course if you are colour blind or cannot be bothered to figure it the above yourself, a better option is to pop in Dexter Hair Salon and talk to Victoria, our colourist. She will be a good judge of what can be achieved with any red tones and choose for you the right one from ‘bright orange”, “medium auburn”, “soft ginger”, “brownish copper”, “golden red”, “bright copper” or even “blue red”


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