2015 and the new hair styles

With every new year starting there is a list of resolutions written..and on many of their lists women will write “get a cool hair style”. It has already started…the search for the Graal; the perfect hair cut…indeed at Dexter Hair, we have been called straight on the 2nd of January by ladies imploring us to find ‘THE’ style…the ‘CUT’ that will make a difference. Firstly, forget about the Celebs hairstyles that do not suit everyone…go ‘personal’, go with what suit your face…

Let’s start with the right colour! No hair cut will be right with the wrong colour! so from glossy chocolate to bright honey, figure out with us what will suit you best.

Warm brown colors emerged as a pretty potent look this fall and we bet it will carry on early 2015.

Rich auburn tones are a serious envy and the colour is just perfect for any age and style.

Platinum shade might be simply to die for…but we say:”not for everyone”.

If you are going for an instant full look update, new hair hue is simply the perfect way to do it and get away with it. Just be careful and try to complement your eye color and skin tone with your new shade.

Forget the bold colors…they are so 2014!

Red hair! Sought after very highly…The secret of the red hair’s beauty, putting extraordinary and unusual tones aside, is how much the make-up and complexion affect the overall look.


Natural blondes will struggle in 2015: They should opt for a dirty blonde appearance with a bed head look to it. Platinum blonde is a “notice me” color as always.

For the cut, we recommend:

Side-swept hairstyles especially if you are the sporty type.


Braids (all styles)

Wet Hair

Blunt long bobs

If you are lost with the above and still cannot decide which cut / style / colour will suit you this year…pop in at Dexter Hair Salon in Leigh-on-Sea and we will help decide.


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