Top Three Trendiest Hairstyles for Men

  1. Side part

This is definitely the trendiest hairstyle for men at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. Practically everyone can wear it, whether you’re a high-class business (think neat, taper cut), or roughing it at the weekend with the kids (messy top style).

Your Granddad probably had this cut at one point in his life too! So he will approve.

 Side Part

  1. Pompadour

This is a timeless and versatile style that we LOVE at Dexter Hair & Beauty. It’s actually named after the mistress of King Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour.

The king of pop, Elvis, then sported the hairstyle in the 50s, and since then it has massively evolved. The cut is very flexible and suits many face shapes and hair types. Justin Timberlake is just one celebrity fan of this style!


  1. Fade

This one is becoming very popular! And can be with any type of cut and length of hair on top. It’s a skillful job but looks super impressive giving a fantastic fresh and clean feel.

Choose from Regular Fade, High Fade, Low Fade, High Top Fade and Temple Fade at Dexter Hair & Beauty!


Call us on 01702 714001 and book in with our highly skilled and professional stylists and stay on trend with any of the above styles.


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