Interview – Shaunna Powe

  1. What have you enjoyed the most since joining Dexter Hair and Beauty in January?

Being able to learn lots of new things such as barbering and having models. I have great mentors in the salon!

  1. What has been your biggest achievement since joining?

Where do I start! Completing different sections of my course, both in salon and at college has been my biggest achievement! I’m loving male cuts too.

  1. What is your favourite part of the day at Dexter Hair and Beauty?

Most probably the beginning of the day as it is always varied and busy 🙂

  1. What has been your favourite hair colour and style this year so far?

Ombré for me, definitely! Thanks to Vicky at Dexter Hair & Beauty.

  1. What celebrity hair do you love the most?I

I don’t really have a particular favourite but it would probably be Khloe Kardashian as she has thick, healthy hair. It always looks gorgeous, whatever cut, colour and style she has!

Call us on 01702 714001 to book in at Dexter Hair & Beauty.


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