Goodbye to Peaky Blinders

The finale of epic gangster drama, Peaky Blinders, set in the lawless streets of 1920s Birmingham aired last week on BBC2. And what a series it’s been.


What we loved most was, of course, their hairstyles!

Arthur Shelby_Paul Anderson

Arthur grooms his hair with a high shine finish. High and tight back and sides with a longer slicked back look. With a menacing ‘tache to add!

Finn Shelby_Harry Kirton

Finn’s high tight back and sides are complemented by a higher textured faux hawk. Suits this naughty young fella.

John Shelby_Joe Cole

John wears the off-centre part so well. A greased finish throughout the top and cropped off sides. Check out the steely stare!

Tommy Shelby_Cillian Murphy

And the main man Tommy! With the back and sides we’ve all been used to seeing, or not seeing we can say. A softer semi part brought forward on to the face. Don’t let looks deceive.



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