Super Straight Hair is Back In!

High five to us ladies who have poker straight hair, as we are winning! For now, anyway.


Super straight hair is officially a thing again, according to the fabulous Glamour Magazine. They’ve posted some great pics of celebs, we are totally crushing on Rita Ora’s look. What a beaut!


Read the article here.


We have a huge range of Davines products in our salon, with This is a Relaxing Moisturising Fluid being perfect for this look. It controls hair helping to obtain a perfectly straight look while eliminating frizz and is excellent support when used with hot tools such as straightening irons.


Davines_Relaxing Moisturising Fluid £19.60

Davines This is Relaxing Moisturising Fluid RRP £19.60


To book in for some gorgeous slick straight hair, call us on 01702 714001 or email

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Rita Ora picture courtesy of

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