The *NEW* smart hairbrush

L’Oréal has launched a new smart hairbrush that will help us improve our brushing technique by tracking and detecting breakages – cool, huh?


The Kérastase Hair Coach Powered By Withings, which was revealed at this years Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, alongside other new beauty gadgets, costs $200 (about £160 for us Brits).


The game-changing gadget uses a variety of technologies to analyse and monitor your hair’s health. The brush syncs to your smartphone to provide valuable insights that can help revolutionise your home beauty routine.


A holistic hair assessment below (courtesy of


Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 14.30.49.png


We’d love to get our hands on one!


To book in with us (and for a huge 25% on ANY hair service during January 2017, bar extensions) call us on 01702 714001 or email


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