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Faux bob? Easy!

Mila Kunis, 32, shocked everyone at the Bad Moms premiere on Monday night with her new short hair…until it was revealed it was a fake shorter look! Mila’s hairstylist, Renato Campora, revealed how he created the sneaky bob look for her, perfect for us lot with long hair that are too scared to go for the chop.…

Best Celebrity Hair Transformations of 2016

As soon as we saw this article on we knew we had to repost immediately! Click here to see the best celebrity hair transformations of 2016 so far.   Check out how sexy Irina Shayk’s new look is (number 16)…And Kylie Jenner is WERKING that denim hair (number 21). Taylor Swift’s blunt bob (number 29) is god-damn gorgeous, but our favourite of all is Zendaya’s huge transformation from long, dark, wavy hair to a cute, blonde bowl cut (number 35) – love it!  

NEW!!! Pro Blo has launched at Dexter Hair

You heard it here first……Pro Blo has launched in the Dexter Hair salon and we’re super excited!   We are on top of the trend, and have been Pro Blo’ing clients using small, medium and large ceramic brush barrels with unique detachable handles to create curls and volume.   Check out all the celebs that are loving Pro Blo too…click here. To book in with us for a beautiful Pro Blo, call us on 01702 714001.   Picture courtesy of @glynnglamlocks

Another trend – Denim Hair!

We are being hit with yet another trend in the hairdressing world, this time with a new colour – denim!   You don’t only wear denim as jeans now, but as a hair colour too, combining blue, purple and grey to create the hue. And it’s our job to make sure it suits your skin tone – stone wash, light or maybe it’ll be dark? Contact us if you’d like to try the denim look on 01702 714001 or   Click here to add us on Facebook · Click here to follow us on Twitter · Click here to…

The History of Men’s Hair

We follow Topman’s blog, and read The History of Men’s Hair post here with great interest. We’ve created each of these hair do’s in the salon, with the most popular recently being The Undercut. Check out the article, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like one of styles – 01702 714001 or   Click here to add us on Facebook · Click here to follow us on Twitter · Click here to follow us on Instagram

St Paddy’s Day

We love St Paddy’s Day! Any excuse to get together with friends, wear some awful shamrock accessories and have a little tipple in the local. What are you planning to do today?   If you’re out, or even out-out, let us put your hair up for you, give you a fabulous blow dry or treat yourself to a full on hair makeover. Call us on 01702 714001 to book in. Click here to add us on Facebook · Click hereto follow us on Twitter · Click here to follow us on Instagram

Katie Price’s new look – and it’s short!

Have you seen?! Katie Price has cut her hair super short, the shortest it has ever been, apparently.   Over the years Katie has experimented with her hair from colour to length to style. And today she revealed her new look on her Instagram account in three different shots. We love it!       Fancy the Katie Price look? Contact us on 01702 714001 or   Click here to add us on Facebook · Click here to follow us on Twitter · Click here to follow us on Instagram

Justin’s new purple herrrr

We admit it. We are Beliebers. But who isn’t now? Justin Bieber has become cool all of a sudden – and his songs? Well, we love playing them in the salon…   And just yesterday we saw pics of his new hair, which we think looks great! What do you guys think?     If you’d like to try the purple Bieber look, contact us on 01702 714001 and book your appointment with one of our stylists.

National Chocolate Cake Day this month!

Yes. You read correctly. It’s National Chocolate Cake Day on Wednesday 27th January -horray!   We will be celebrating on the official day in the salon. Cause, why not?! Every client who walks through the door for an appointment on Wednesday 27th January will be greeted with delicious, mouth-watering chocolate cake. Forget the ‘New Year, New You, I’m-dieting-because-its-January-and-everyone-else-is’ BS 🙂   To get involved, book your appointment (and gain a chocolate smile) on National Chocolate Cake Day, call us on 01702 714001. Nom, nom, nom.  

Go for the top knot in 2015!

Men’s hair style is becoming more extravagant, stepping away from the shorter cut and slicked back look. 2014 saw a rise in top knots and “Peaky Blinders” hair cuts and they are set to stay for 2015. Men are more willing to snip away the back and sides and let their hair flow on top, allowing them to sweep hair back into a top knot. Men will also opt to allow their hair to grow …and not just the beard! Men are more relaxed about having long locks and they embrace their waves and curls – no doubt we shall see…